Snow sure location

There are always good snow conditions on Les Contamines-Montjoie slopes !


Why is this ?

Many theories abound the the real reason is its close proximity to the Mont Blanc massif which means that the resort has a micro climate giving it lots of snow !

Other reasons include the direction of the pistes themselves as the Les Contamines valley is predominantly North and East facing. With low winter sun this means that whilst it is often beautifully sunny the angle at which the sun hits the slopes ensure no harm is done to the snow conditions.

Another benefit is that much of the ski area is on summer pasture land so there are not many rocks and even a relatively small amount of snow gives a good base.

All in all, including the extensive infrastructure of artificial snow making equipement combined with considerable piste management, Les Contamines-Montjoie has a deserved reputation for exceptional snow cover and plenty of sunshine from December to late April.

So, whilst many of larger and better known resorts are struggling in poor snow years, Les Contamines always has plenty of snow and great conditions !.